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Brand Value

Maintenance Cost is lower than other Equivalent Brands

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Is Haldirams Franchise Business Profitable?

Company turnover is more than Rs.500 crore and a brand valuation which is approx about 1,500 crore. They have market share in Food industry almost 25% in India. and we can say Haldiram is Top Brand in Food Industry Franchise Business in India. Haldiram is targeting  to include More Fresh outlets by the March 2021 Fiscal Year . Haldiram Franchise is one of the oldest Indian sweet and namkeen store Franchise in India. It’s already accepted among the many Indian community they love their sweet and other things. Haldiram headquarters are located in NOIDA (Delhi – NCR).

Haldiram exports their Sweets in big countries like US, Japan, Kenya, Libya, South Korea, Nigeria, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Bangladesh Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Zambia and Bahrain. Hence, we can say Haldiram franchise is a potentially profitable business opportunity in India.

How to Apply for Haldiram Franchise ?

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How to check application status ?

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WHo can take Haldiram Franchise ?

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